Moments: Devotions from the Heart

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About The Book

There are moments in life when you might be unable to find the exact words to say in your prayer to God. Your heart knows what it wants to say but the words still do not come easily. This happens to me. I often call on others my prayer warriors and simply ask them to pray for me when I cannot pray for myself. Sometimes I just sit silently and allow my heart to speak. After all God knows what is inside of you. If you ever need encouragement or are struggling with how to begin your prayer to God allow me to share these devotions with you and pray for you and with you. You can even write down your own prayers and save them in this book creating your own personal devotions! I have personally written and prayed these prayers during my lifes moments. Be blessed and know that these too are your moments. Most importantly know that God has already heard and answered your prayers! God has helped me to survive what I thought were the hardest moments to face. Because of my persistent faith and what God allowed me to survive I am thankful for storms that are over stronger from what did not kill me and much wiser from the lessons I have learned. These moments will come again and knowing so I will always pray. Peace and Gods blessings to you!

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