More Irish and American Stories

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About The Book

THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SEQUEL TO THE INTERNATIONAL SELLING BOOK Monsignor O'Neill is quite a storyteller. After years of encouragement to collect his tales into a book, he published Stories from Ireland and America, a collection of 124 stories spanning 70 plus years from his childhood in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s Ireland to his more-than-50-year ministry in the United States. In response to excellent reviews of his previous book and numerous requests to write more stories, he has compiled this collection of More Irish and American Stories. As in his previous book, some of stories in this volume may seem outlandish or hard to believe. But, they are actually all true! O'Neill says, "Life is a journey. Scenes from that journey may make a deep impression and remain in the memory. We must never forget our roots. No matter who or what we are, we are dependent upon the goodness and the friendship of each other. We are ultimately dependent upon God and His goodness toward us. Each generation is unique and is a product of its own time and culture. We have received noble values and virtues from past generations. They have given us the warm and happy memories we treasure so much. May future generations have happy memories to share with their children."

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