Mosquito Gap

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About The Book

The three sisters have always been loving and close in everything they accomplish. Although they have chosen different fields of endeavor in their professional lives they still share a common thread of interest. Their strong moral sense has led them to assist the law enforcement communities in several geographic settings to fight crime. Through their own efforts they have become excellent amateur investigators. Each has well-developed skills which all work together to form an excellent team. As the reader progresses through the book he/she will note that the family has not only developed individual and unique talents and skills but works seamlessly as a crime fighting unit. Even the old retired archaeology professor serves as an effective extension of the girls detective efforts. The emergence of a major archaeological discovery is unexpected but not beyond the capability of the family to handle with ease. The juggling of mining murder mayhem and discovery (mining and scientific) will tax every skill possessed by the girls and result in their having to call in additional help from their multi-talented family. Watching the team investigate and solve one mystery after another will thrill the reading audience and hold the interest of even the most discerning reader. The book is filled with elements of action suspense danger romance mystery discovery and even comedy. It is a must-read for every young reader and is a family-oriented tale worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

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