My Dead and Blackened Heart
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14 stories of terror dread and fatherhood.From the isolation of space to the ever-watchful eyes in a darkening wood Andrew Freudenberg takes us on a journey exploring the themes of friendship fatherhood and loss as we pick through the remains of his dead and blackened heart.Overhead the lighting operator switched everything to green just as two enormous mortars fired shredded silver paper in a plume over the crowd. Sarge blinked attempting to clear the salt lacing his eyes.For a moment he thought he saw paratroopers descending from above but shook off the hallucination and turned his attention to the stalls. A group of youngsters were caught by Docs spotlight for a split second their eyes wide with wonderment and a touch of fear.It was enough to send Sarge back to the jungle back to the children in the village. Their eyes had been the same gazing up at him intently even after he had slaughtered them with his bayonet and laid them all out in a row. At the time it had seemed the kind thing to do a mercy killing of sorts. After all they had executed everyone else so who would have looked after them?There was something complete about leaving them lying peacefully amongst the burning buildings.It had been a Zen moment.Featuring the stories: Something Akin To Despair A Bitter Parliament Charlies Turn Pater in Tenebris Milkshake Nose to the Window The Cardiac Ordeal Meat Sweets Scorch The Teppenyaki of Truth Before The Meat Time Hope Eternal The Last Patrol & Beyond The Book.

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