My Life During Wartime

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About The Book

The Guardians of the Timeline hail from the Hundred Worlds universe a series of colonized worlds at the far reaches of the galaxy. Empowered with information about future events their mission is to protect the people of Earth from malevolent criminals from the Hundred Worlds and ensure that the timeline is not disrupted by the actions of any interdimensional travelers. After thirty years of a covert war only a handful of Hundred Worlds criminals remain on Earth. The last surviving Guardians have teamed up with a top secret government organization assigned to investigate extraterrestrial visitors and interdimensional threats. When a pair of spacecraft land on Earth in late 2004 and make demands to take over part of the United States the team faces its greatest challenge. After their base is attacked by the interdimensional terrorists the Guardians are forced to ally with their lifelong enemies to defend the Earth and protect the timeline from destruction. A fast paced riveting adventure unfolds as the unlikely allies battle their mutual enemies in My Life During Wartime the sequel to A Flight of Onesimus which introduced the heroic team of Hundred Worlds heroes.

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