Mystery at the Marsh

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About The Book

When mystery writer Victoria Vicky Cooper moves to a sleepy little town in coastal Georgia with her three Welsh Pembroke Corgis their number is soon increased to four by the arrival of a small black Corgi puppy. But a few months later the normal peace and quiet for both humans and dogs is shattered when Vickys farmer neighbor is murdered. The local sheriff Jake Robbins soon suspects that one if not all of the dogs were witness to the crime and when his investigation stalls he asks for their help. At first Vicky is reluctant to allow the dogs to get involved but when Jake assures her that nothing bad will happen she finally agrees. Highly intelligent and adventurous and despite some stern warnings the Corgis also begin investigating on their own. And typically they get into a lot of trouble in their quest to bring the bad guys to justice. When they make headlines in the local newspaper and a TV station film crew arrives in town matters take a definite turn for the worse. Now a target and after several narrow escapes a kidnapping and help from an unexpected source the Corgis eventually get the bad guys cornered with a surprising result. In this first book in the series of Carolyn Eastwoods Corgi mysteries readers will meet Skipper the leader of the Corgi siblings Duke his older half-brother Misty Dukes younger sister and their baby niece Tango.

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