Nature All Around Us: To Observe Is to Learn Love and Admire

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About The Book

Not a day passes when I go outside to drive to the Rec Center that Ill see and hear birds. Ravens are the most common. If Im not in a hurry Ill mimic the ravens call if I can see him and the bird sees me. Sometimes it will move its wings in rhythm with its response call. I like that kind of response. On that same drive I might see a fox. One trip I saw one that had just caught a squirrel. The fox was only about fifteen feet away by trees in a lawn. The fox stopped chewing on the squirrel to look at me and the squirrel struggled free and ran up a tree and then told the fox what he thought about him. Each of these poems is about a real creature or entity in Nature which I personally watched studied and wondered about. Youll find that you too through these poems will imagine and visualize these wonderful Nature Beings in their natural settings in Boulder. ROBERT TEMPLE FROST Robert was born in 1930 and raised in Denver and Colorado Springs Colorado. He earned a Business degree from the University of Colorado. Then he joined the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and served a tour on Okinawa as a Petroleum Officer. In 1957 Robert was employed by the Department of Commerce in Boulder and served as business manager for research laboratories. He completed a thirty-six year Federal career in 1990 and retired. He finished his second novel in 1991 entitled The Knowers - First Move. Go to Roberts website to review the book reviewers comments and order. You will also find that a new non-fiction book The KNOWERS - Second Move is available to read online and/or download free. Enjoy. Publishers website: http: //

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