Neither Created Nor Destroyed: A Memoir

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About The Book

We carry worthiness and belonging within us.Neither Created Nor Destroyed: A Memoir is the brave and vulnerable story of a young woman who explores her own trauma belonging and self-actualization. Nicki Avena highlights the reciprocal relationship between writer and reader where both feel seen and validated. Even if things arent okay we can be okay. Moving through themes of death loss loneliness dysfunctional relationships solo travel familial boundaries and finally healing Neither Created Nor Destroyed includes insights from shame researcher and lecturer Brene Brown spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and psychiatrist and researcher Bessel Van Der Kolk. You will find pleasure in following Avenas journey... If you like going deep. If you like personal stories about managing emotions relationships and family. If you like sarcasm and dark humor. If you like reading about feelings and self healing. In fact you may come away feeling more empathy in your day-to-day interactions and a sense of inherent wholeness. Nicki Avena thoughtfully explores what it means to be human on our tiny rock in this expansive universe. Her attention to nuance and philosophy pulls the reader in for a complex introspective thought journey. If you are looking to challenge your ways of thinking and find your humanity read this book. - Mackenzie Finklea author of Beyond the Halls

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