Non-Existents: Revelation of P.A.N.E.

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About The Book

Nollid is a teenager in high school that doesnt even exist to the majority of people in high school. He has become bored with his unnoticed life and wishes for some excitement. When Nollid is checked out of school by two strangers claiming to be his parents Nollids life begins to spiral into action. The two strangers take Nollid (willingly) to an organization called O.N.E. for people that are like him. Another organization called P.A.N.E. begins to threaten Nollid and his friends to achieve certain goals. Nollid begins to slowly discover who he really is/was and what is actually happening between the organizations. Nollid must do what he can to stop P.A.N.E. before they harm him or anyone else.

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