Not In Her Majesty's Service

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About The Book

A half brother of Prince Charles? The similarity is astonishing: Guenther Focke born on 12 July 1946 looks as if he is the brother of Prince Charles. He has the same oblong face the typical bird nose and pronounced ears. Going by outward appearances what Guenther Focke has been maintaining for many years seems to be correct: that he is the son of Prince Philip the husband of the English queen. Allegedly he was sired shortly after end of the Second World War when allied troops were stationed at the German North Sea Coast near the small town of Wremen. For more than three decades Guenther Focke - who today works as a private detective in England - has been collecting evidence. When we met him at his house in Corby Northamptonshire he showed us folders with photos and documents as well as his correspondence with Buckingham Palace wherein it is maintained categorically: Prince Philip was not in Germany at this time. Focke has limited proof to the contrary but nevertheless he found out that autumn 1945 is a blank mark in the biography of the Prince who was a naval second lieutenant at that time and not yet married to Elizabeth. After the publication of our report on Guenther Focke he was invited to appear on talk shows which also led to people in other countries becoming aware of him. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Guenther Focke a man of the people coincidentally becomes a private detective in his quest to identify the man who has sired him. To his surprise it turned out that his father would be no other than Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and husband of the Queen of England Elizabeth II. With mixed feelings about his noble origin he follows his own case and finds ever more clues and rumors about his alleged father. The investigator Focke who - as opposed to his famous colleague - is not acting in her Majestys service is nevertheless the most British of detectives. This autobiography is a historically founded factual report investigating his very unique perspective of the British Royal Family.

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