Our Mother. His Fool

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About The Book

A horrific tale of childhood despair Our Mother... His Fool is a saga of mother-made poverty manipulation mental abuse depravity scorn and misery. This is an account of the life of nine children and how one womans search for love and marriage doomed them to over twenty years of exploitation cruelty and neglect. The Pulpit Nemesis was the black hole of The Gainous Clan sucking the very life from them. He treated them as if they were his personal slaves. They built an empire for him as their world crumpled at his feet. Aside from constantly promising marriage to Annastein he was well known for keeping company with the single women in the church stealing their time and money as well. His affections didnt rest with just the single women of the church. He had a special plan for seducing and manipulating the Seven sisters of the Gainous Clan. The Reverend well known for pimping his flock from the pulpit. How is this family able to reclaim their adult lives? Or can they?

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