Paleo Smoothies: Super Delicious & Filling Protein-Packed Low in Sugar Gluten-Free Easy to Make Fruit and Veggie Superfood Smoothie Recipes for Natural Weight Loss and Unstoppable Energy: 6

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About The Book

Why Paleo Smoothie Recipes?Are you looking for easy to follow healthy recipes to help you look and feel amazing?Sick and tired of spending long hours in your kitchen trying to figure out how to put some healthy meals together?Or maybe you tried something healthy but it didnt taste good and you lost your motivation?What about some easy takeaway meals?Or a quick snack and breakfast ideas?Whatever your health and fitness goal is you will find your answers in Paleo Smoothies.Paleo Smoothies offer the most effective fruit veggie and superfood blends that are: -low in sugar-rich in natural protein (all Paleo approved) -rich in healthy protein to help you stay energized-all gluten-free-full of mind-body healing antioxidants-super filling and great for natural weight lossPaleo smoothies are tasty easy and quick to prepare even on a busy schedule.They can be used as a quick snack or breakfast.These smoothies are great for weight loss being full of fiber vitamins and minerals.You will find them useful for fasting or as a meal replacement.The best part is- you dont need to be a great cook. Not at all. And you can get super creative and even if you dont follow the recipes 100% you are still bound to come up with something amazing.You can play around with many of the ingredients and come up with your own favorites.You can leave things out or add some new ones so that you create the taste you love.Thats what I love about Paleo Smoothies they are so changeable but still so tasty and nutritious. Change things up and try something new. Have fun be creative!What I really love about Paleo fruit smoothies is that they can be an amazing guilt-free dairy-free treat and be turned into an ice-cream as well. Many fruity Paleo smoothies also sneak in some greens and veggies which makes them excellent beginner-friendly smoothies.Veggie Paleo smoothies on the other hand can be turned into a delicious soup. You can even spice it up with many oriental herbs chili and some meat or fish leftovers. That will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and save your time and money on mindless cooking or eating out.Its so ridiculously just blend some ingredients following the recipe and add in some paleo-friendly foods like nuts seeds meat seafood hard-boiled eggs olives...and voila- you have a delicious satisfying meal within a few minutes. And you get rid of some leftovers in a creative way.Inside this guide you will find 60 Delicious Paleo Smoothie Recipes for all occasions.You will also find very easy to follow explanations and a bonus paleo guide (even if youre new to Paleo or healthy eating dont worry we got you covered!)

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