Play: Are You Playing Attention? (Includes 3 Activities)

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About The Book

Jack Ryan is an eight-year-old boy obsessed with playing video games! Tired of her sons constant game playing Jacks mother tells him to go find something else to do. Jack follows his little sister Zoey into her homemade blanket tent. Zoey tells Jack that the blanket tent is not really a tent but is rather a SECRET sparkly cave! At first Jack doesnt believe her but then...very slowly...the tent turns into a cave! Join Jack and Zoey as they embark on a wild adventure that takes them out of the cave underwater and up into the stars! In addition to the Play picture book story the hardback also includes: 1. Zoeys Room Activity Challenge!Use your creative thinking skills by trying to guess where Jack and Zoey played pretend in Zoeys bedroom!2. The authors unique Search & Find Game! After reading the story go back through the book and try to figure out which things in the illustrations were real photos and which things were drawings! 3.How to Make a Blanket Tent!Have you ever made a blanket tent and played pretend? Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to make a blanket tent in your home! This book is great for early readers reading aloud at home as a bedtime story and its especially fun to read right before you pull out your toys and PLAY!

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