Quaking Soul: 1 (Hidden Mythics Book 1)

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About The Book

This was it. This was Narinas chance to prove to her mother and the dryad Council she could navigate the mythic and human worlds. With night hanging over the city all she needs to do is sneak in unseen attend a mythic meeting and report back. If only she knew who had called the meeting in the first place.Narinas a young Drydanda destined to be Queen of the Dryads or tree nymphs. Her world-fauns nymphs dwarves-hides in plain sight from the more populated human world. As long as they remain myth they remain safe.Hes come to warn them but hes a wer-im a werecat who was banished centuries ago with the rest of his species for burning the dryads trees. But humans captured his leader and dozens of other mythical creatures as well. If the mythic world is to survive he must forge alliances.When Narinas mother goes missing she finds the violent banished wer-im her only allies. She soon realizes that everything shes been taught in preparation for leadership appears to be wrong. Who can Narina trust while attempting to keep the dryads alive in her mothers absence? As she quickly discovers the fate of the mythical world rests on her decisions.

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