Racist Satanic Network

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About The Book

Everything was spun; everything spins. We are slaves: Our visible chains are off; our true chains will never be voluntarily removed. We are powerless and have been robbed to penniless since theirs found ours in the African bush in the 15th century. Then bastards carried and sold millions of stolen children of unarmed people; now they carry natural resources: Substitution is fraudulent emancipation.Jews are good with money. President Trump.Everyone knows that including Corporal Adolf; whose money?Ghislaine Maxwells dad Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch and Judas Iscariot were Jews; they handled other peoples money.Bernard Madoff and Robert KIngston are Jews; they handled other peoples money.Gracia Negrito. Cavani Manchester United. £100000 fine: £50 000 per word.Bedford England: Freemason GDC-WITNESS Dr Richard Hill fabricated reports and lied under oath; negrophobic perjury is persecutory negrophobia. The use of the N-WORD is racism; nothing else is.https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlpH4hG7m1A. Youre Free to describe what you can see. Kola Bamgbelu retired journalist. The nemesis isnt extinct and the fact that it tarries isnt proof that it will never come - Habakkuk.

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