Radical Islam and the Battle for the Americas: Tales of the Last Americans/The Complete Saga of a World at War

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About The Book

Radical Islam and the Battle for the Americas is a Fiction of the non-fictional WORLD we live in today. this is not a book of Republicans nor Democrats but a Book of WE the People and the worse possible scenerio that might inflict the world as we know it. The death of America -Democracy the free world and the blest Isrealli people. An Invasion across the world like a fire radicals from with-in led from across the great seas with one phone call- the call of DEATH. Twenty years of slavery as the Armies of death Ravish the Nations many hidden in the bossums of the earth -and from their under ground sancturaries can they survive and strike back as two thoousand American slaves from new york led by hope and a rumor from the north make a daring escape from this the last occupied city. a March across the four corners to the valley of the dead in New Mexico for their Epic Battle before their finale battle on land sea and air on the shores of Jersey across the Hudson and in the streets of the once great city. join we the people we the last americans in our greatest adventure and challenge ever -In the name of God Country and Family and Flag join us as we -you- the greatness of america stand up once more and Fight back the EVILS of our World. God Bless Michelangelo

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