Real Vampires: Glory Does Vegas

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About The Book

Gambling on her future in Las VegasYoud think four-hundred-year-old vampire Glory St. Clair would have her act together by now. She loves her too handsome and always arrogant sire Jeremiah Campbell. Now she wants to take charge of her own life and not just be known as Jeremiahs woman. Shes been drifting along all these years and what better place for a vampire than a city known for its night life? Las Vegas is teeming with vampires shape-shifters and even demons. Some are willing to help her but others? Starting over is hard especially when youre afraid of some of your powers and discovering new ones. As she gains strength Glory wonders if this fight is worth it. She might become her own woman but will she end up pushing away the only man shes ever loved? This gamble for her freedom may just be a risk shes not willing to take.This book is 396 pages long set in Las Vegas in 2005 as a prequel to Real Vampires Have Curves the first book in the bestselling Real Vampires series that started in 2007 from Berkley Publishing.

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