Recruiting in the Age of Googlization Second Edition
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You can hear it in danny's voice: despair, fear, frustration, disappointment. danny represents just one of the millions of businesses living in "talent poverty." danny owns a home health agency. but his role and the industry are almost irrelevant. danny could be the ceo of a manufacturing company, the hr director at a construction company, or the hiring manager in a restaurant. danny lives in a constant state of never having enough employees to meet demand. danny's not alone. he's the unwilling member of a growing legion of businesses beginning to live in a constant state of talent poverty. danny, like millions of other hr professionals, recruiters, business owners, hiring managers, and senior executives, inspired best selling author ira s wolfe to write recruiting in the age of googlization.recruiting in the age of googlization is really two books in one. first, he draws upon his tedx talk message: "make change work for you." he depicts an era of exponential change and disruption called the age of googlization. ready or not, we are crossing quickly into uncharted territory, a world of unknown unknowns. we're facing a tsunami of hr technology that blurs the line between reality and science fiction. this change can be paralyzing without a strategy and plan.wolfe then lays down a blueprint for creating an awesome candidate experience, the foundation of modern-day recruitment and talent acquisition. his brilliant description of how to apply technology and digital marketing while keeping the human in hr is a compelling but easy read, whether you're an experienced business leader or inexperienced accidental recruiter. from identifying ten signs of a broken recruitment strategy to worksheets for conducting a candidate experience audit, this is a must-read and the reason why the 1st edition was selected as one of the best hr and recruiting books of all-time by talent poverty and creating the opportunity to enjoy talent prosperity is not easy, but absolutely essential if your business expects to grow in this 3rd decade of the 21st century. the good news is that with talent prosperity comes engagement, opportunity, and sustainable growth. the road to talent prosperity starts with recruiting in the age of googlization. you can also learn more about creating an awesome candidate experience in the recruiting in the age of googlization learning hub. described as a millennial trapped in a baby boomer body, ira s. wolfe has emerged as one of hr's most visionary thinkers in managing the convergence of the tired, the wired, and technology. ira is a tedx speaker and president of success performance solutions, a company that provides a portfolio of employee assessments as well as hiring and recruitment consulting. he is a prolific blogger, contributing writer, podcaster, and author. his first book the perfect labor storm launched him onto the national stage which was followed by geeks, geezers, and googlization. his 2016 tedx talk, make change work for you, became the inspiration for his latest book recruiting in the age of googlization: when the shift hits your plan. he writes frequently for forbes, cornerstoneondemand's rework, huffington post, lehigh valley business journal, business2businessmagazine, and several regional and industry business journals. he has appeared in inc magazine, fast company, american express open, business week, nfib, inc., intuit small business and fox business.

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