Rest for the Soul: 30-Day Devotional

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About The Book

In a world that is constantly tugging at us to do more have more and be more Rest can seem unattainable or obsolete for many. While caffeine may get us through the day what are we giving our souls to get through life? Our souls are weary tired and hurting but God has given us keys in His Word to live a life of rest!Rest for the Soul will help you peel back soul wounds that have been covered and eased with temporal remedies. Each devotional challenges the reader to allow God into the hard truths of their soul that may be tough to face. Experience true healing and a deeper intimacy with the Father as you open your heart to the One who created Rest.Each day of this 30-day devotional includes: * A devotional reading* A selected scripture reading* A journal space for your thoughts* A song for worship

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