Royally Bitten: 2 (Blood Alliance)

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About The Book

Once upon a time humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret. This is no longer that time. Rae Blood Day--the culmination of my training. The day I find out my fate. I will not cry. I will not beg. I will remain calm. Emotions are for the weak and I am not weak. My name is Rae and I will survive this. But I never expected him to call my name... Kylan Someone wants to frame me for immortal insanity? Be my guest darling. Ill just pick a fighter as my bait a consort with a hint of defiance. And when the culprit attempts to bite Ill be the one who bites back. Because no one touches whats mine including the fiery redhead at my side. Welcome to Kylan City. I dare you all to come out and play. **** Oh no. This wasnt good. I couldnt afford for Kylan to be interested not with immortality dancing at my fingertips. You cant want me I thought. But how did I convey that? I... I... Do something! My jaw clenched in frustration not knowing how to stop this--him. His grip on my chin tightened painfully his growl vibrating my chest. It took me too long to realize why to realize what Id done. His tongue was trapped between my teeth. Id just bitten him. Id just bitten a royal vampire. And not just any royal vampire but Kylan the oldest royal in existence.

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