Ruins of Desert Cathay

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About The Book

In this two-volume work published in 1912 the Hungarian-born archaeologist Marc Aurel Stein (1862–1943) describes his second expedition to the deserts of Chinese Turkestan in 1906–8. (His account of his first expedition Sand-Buried Ruins of Khotan (1903) is also reissued in this series.) Stein intended this account to be read by non-specialists and like his previous book it is highly illustrated and full of interesting details about his journey and the people he met en route as well as of the important archaeological discoveries which still link his name with the civilisation of this remote and dangerous area. In Volume 1 Stein describes the problems of setting up the expedition and the excitement and perils of the route which took him through the tribal areas of the North-West Frontier and the kingdom of Afghanistan ending with his arrival at the western extremity of the Great Wall of China.

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