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About The Book

About the Book: This book Eternal Economics - Principles and Applications Part One talks about the evolution of economics in this universe and its known extent on earth. This book explains how economics evolved over the time when there was nothing and the earth was the only fireball. This book certified that human has created value from the resources available here which says that is no scarcity of resources and we are living with umpteen of resources. This book explains how economics is an art when a person earns money through his talent or a book becomes best seller and that too earns crores just by rearranging 26 letters of English and how economics is a science which Builds a motor by connecting metal parts and generates electricity using water and solar. Apart from the definition and theory part book contains everyday examples of eternal economics application You would love to know how relativity theory plays an important role in economics. About the Author: CA Pankaj Kumar Jaiswal is philanthropist emerging economist and senior chartered accountant in India who talks this complicated subject economics through basic and everyday life subject . CA Pankaj Jaiswal is an established columnist in many newspaper and magazine on economics subject and his writings are based on grassroots knowledge and in simple language understandable to the common man. Besides this he regularly comes on national TV as a economist on many national and international economy issue This Eternal Economics books will help many to understand economics in a better and different way. The idea of eternal economics was never explored before. He is the person who connects eternal practices to economics. No economist has touched this soul of economics before as Mr. Jaiswal explained. The theory and definition given by Mr. Jaiswal may be selected by many academicians and institutes for the research and awards.

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