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About The Book

Links below will take you to the non-profit Break the Cycle! Web site (formerly Stepfamily inFormation). Use your browser?s Back button to return to the bookstore. Premise : From newborn infants to dying adults we all communicate to reduce local discomforts - i.e. to fill current needs. Doing that promotes satisfaction. Anything you do that causes a significant emotional-spiritual-physical-mental change in another person can be called communication. Thus it is impossible to not communicate with other people for silence and inactivity cause reactions and presumed meanings. The quality of your life and key relationships depends largely on the effectiveness of the way you communicate - yet you probably don?t know what you need to know about this vital life skill. To reality check that proposal mull these five challenges: 1) Name a learned skill that you rely on more often than communicating to get your daily and special needs met. Note that thinking is internal communication. 2) How do you distinguish between effective and ineffective communication? If you?re not sure how can you tell if you?re communicating effectively in situations you deem important? 3) On a scale of 1 (totall

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