Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence

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About The Book

"That was my first brush with death, the final form of violence." It's a cliché that all literature revolves around sex and death, but there's more than a bit of truth to it. Even in our sanitized, civilized world, sex and violence, when we experience them, often turn out to be defining moments in our lives. Whether its losing our virginity to dealing with a bunny boiler, joining the military to witnessing a DUI, bloodletting and bumping uglies remain the anchors around which the human experience is moored. Scattered Scenes of Sex and Violence is Benjamin Welton's comedic, frank look at lust and death. Comprising 14 episodes from Welton's own life, he relays his failed sexual escapades, run-ins with his own mortality, and more with brutal honesty and a clear voice. This collection includes several stories published by Terror House Magazine in 2019.

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