Se Pa Parese Map Fè Mwen Jis Pa Konprann
Haitian French Creole

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About The Book

Georgette fenk vini nan peyi a. Li kòmanse klas senkyèm ane men li pa pale anglè menm. Li ap eseye patisipe epi fè zanmi nan klas men sa pa mache byen. Pa gen moun ki pale lang li. Sepandan li te detèmine ak anvi pou montre tout moun ke se pa parese lap fè li jis pa konprann. Swiv Georgette nan jan lap konbat perèz li yo ak tatònman mo li yo nan jefò li pou pale Anglè e fè zanmi.English: Georgette is new to the country. She is starting the fifth grade and does not speak any English. She is trying to participate and make friends in class but it is not going well. No one speaks her language. However she is determined and eager to show everyone that she is not lazy she just doesnt understand. Follow Georgette as she fights through her fears and fumbles with her words on her journey to learn English and make friends.

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