Simply Bob: Searching for the Essence

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About The Book

Woody Allen once said he didnt mind dying he just didnt want to be there when it happened. Bob Brown wondered what he would think about if he had a quiet few minutes or hours at the end. Would it be horrifying to have regrets? Would the finality of death be terrifying? Perhaps less so if life had been good. Brown accepted that the beginning and ending of life were beyond control; it is the middle we can pay attention to and learn how to do right. SIMPLY BOB is his account of seeking and finding the best life to live. From the age of seventeen and into his fifties he sought the one concept that would work for him and everyone. He studied religion philosophy psychology neurophysiology and all he could learn about culture life styles the meaning of life and the wonder of love.In a wide-ranging well-written narrative he explains how he culled the meaning of life from all these resources. Now in his early seventies Brown is living an extraordinary life of contentment and every day continues to add meaning to his life.

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