Small Fish Big Fish: A Coming of Age Novel

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About The Book

Jamie McCarthy is a reclusive seventeen-year-old learning how to survive in a rough lower-class suburb in 1960s Scotland.Like a lot of teenagers seventeen-year-old Jamie is struggling to navigate his way through the uncharted waters of growing up: the world of first dates sexual exploration friendships and family dramas.When he finds some money on the floor of the corner store he thinks his luck is in. But sometimes what seems like fortunes kindly smile is only a mask hiding something quite ugly.So it is with Jamie. The seemingly innocent decision to keep the money triggers a series of events that traps him in a quagmire of deception and criminality and threatens the safety of those dearest to him.Read Small Fish Big Fish and youll agree this is one of the best psychological thriller books for teens to portray life as it truly was in nineteen sixties Scotland: a time and place where hope loyalty and courage are tested to the limit.If you enjoy realistic fiction filled with compelling characters mystery and a touch of young romance then youll love PJ McDermotts psychological thriller books with a twist.What Readers SayI found myself unable to put it down after the first twenty pages.Every young person wants to know theyre not alone. We are all Jamie at some stage in our lives lost confused trying to fit in struggling to come to grips with our lives and who we are. This book does this flawlessly.A wonderful story that all young people can relate to. It takes an age-old battle and puts it splendidly into words that many will appreciate. I could not believe the climax.Reminds me of Frank McCourts biography of his life growing up in Ireland.A fantastic story and a great read.Scroll up and purchase this enthralling coming of age story today!

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