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About The Book

This is high time for the transformation in education. And its high time for us to make it happen. We as individuals as students parents guides are the necessary contributor to this change. The book starts with a story of problems faced by an ordinary kid in his school. With time the kid realized the faults in the education system and the illusion majority of the society is living with. We have a wrong notion of education. The problems and pains that the kid faced & realized in his childhood and adolescence days gave him a purpose to bring a change in the system. He step out of the system begin a quest and later he went on to become an entrepreneur and fix the issue with his venture. Plus one will get to know a few of the things for self-transformation that schools today fail to focus on. Education stakeholders will also gain some insights that they can implement to contribute their part in the change. This is also backed by the opinions of the heavyweight human beings on the planet.

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