Somewhere in Persia

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About The Book

Discover the life experiences of a U.S. Army soldier in Persia.What unfolds here is my fathers story as a war correspondent based in Iran during World War II. He was apart of a group of soldiers found at the headquarters of the army corps the Persian Gulf Command. They were on a secret mission that sent lend-lease war supplies to Russia via truck and train. These supplies were sent through the Persian Corridor a back door into Russia to help them repel the German invasion. The Persian Gulf Command expected a fight from the Germans for the oil in the middle east. The Germans never showed as they were held up in North Africa and never got through Russia to invade from the north. At its peak there were almost 30000 soldiers involved. My dad spent most of his time at headquarters Camp Amirabad. He was an audit clerk during the day and did his writing at night.This eBook contains all of my dads army correspondence. He also published articles in the United States while stationed in Iran. Included are some of his photos that he took while in the army. He put all of them into two photo albums. There are also V-mails and portions of handwritten letters to home. Also you will find some unpublished work. You can see some examples from an idea book of new inventions. He had a machinist partner and wanted to create a business from new products that he would design. After the war he resumed what he was great at working at a newspaper.Sam Greenberg was a Jewish soldier in the Middle East. You will not only find his impressions from the diversity found in the U.S. Army but how he gained new perspectives on all of life. His new viewpoint grew from his interaction with people from other lands different environments religions and cultures.

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