Spiral of Greed

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About The Book

Philip Wescott is a newly divorced middle-aged out-of-work lawyer who lives in Portland Maine. He conveniently runs into his old partner Steven who is a handsome wealthy single man; unlike Philip who has until now lived his life as a committed family man with three children. Steven offers Philip a place to stay and manipulates his hand into running drugs; propelling him into an adverse world in which he is not acquainted. Likewise Philips youngest son fourteen year-old Ryan also enters into an unfamiliar world when his mother spitefully removes him from his lifetime attendance in private schooling and places him into the public school system. Ryan quickly finds himself in an escalating battle with a gang. Although they live apart the battles of both father and son progress in parallel as they are both uncorrupted by evil; one in the same. They reunite only once when they are deep in danger yet each remains silent about the chaos that encroaches upon their once peaceful worlds; a truth which if shared may have altered their paths from the very near danger that lurks around the corner.

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