Spiritually Reincarnated

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About The Book

Spiritually Reincarnated is an intense spiritual journey filled with pain and suffering. This book is basically spirituality philosophy and science/psychology all combined together as one. Some of the poems are powerful and deal with subject matter ranging from falling in love getting my hear broken to suicide. Spiritually Reincarnated is a 3 poem set; part one was written while I was searching for God. Part two was written once I found God and part three is when I question my spirituality. This book also includes psychological ideas that represent the new era of mental health and is the direction in which the field is headed towards. These ideas include getting spirituality more involved in treatment methods and meeting the clients where they are at mentally and spiritually. Spiritually Reincarnated is not religion based and is meant for any domination or belief system basically it is meant to stimulate your spiritual senses.

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