STARGATE SG-1 Female of the Species: 31

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About The Book

Here come the girls...Vala Mal Doran SG-1s newest recruit simply cant ignore the plea for help she receives from her old friend Tanis Reynard. And with vital intel up for grabs Vala ensures SG-1 cant ignore it either...However as the mission quickly unravels Colonel Carter and Vala find themselves bound for the inescapable prison world Viaxeiro Caldera leaving Colonel Mitchell Tealc and Dr Daniel Jackson to mount a rescue. Meanwhile Sam and Vala uncover a sinister secret on Viaxeiro which means they will have to overcome their personal rivalries and learn to work together to bring down the insidious faction which controls the prison world - preferably before their true identities are discovered.By the time Mitchell and the rest of SG-1 reach Viaxeiro its anyones guess whos rescuing whom in this rip-roaring Stargate adventure...Female of the Species Yo Jackson. Siler is offering lunch. Beer wings the whole nine yards on him. Apparently its been a week since hes been hurt and he thought that required a celebration. You in?Uh maybe. Did he say where theyre going? Im still not really welcome in OMalleys.Valas voice echoed through the corridor. Dan-iel!He closed his eyes and pressed his fingers to his temple. On second thought it sounds like were about to get busy.Mitchell stepped aside as Vala appeared arriving at such speed that she had to slam into the door just to slow herself down enough to get into the office. She wobbled on her feet a little and shook her head as she stumbled over to where Daniel was sitting.Daniel. Ow. I need your help. I need you to convince General Landry to send SG-1 on a mission. Its a matter of life and death.What mission? Daniel said.Its a rescue mission. A mission of mercy! SG-1 does those all the time right? She looked behind her and finally noticed Mitchell. Oh. Hello Colonel Mitchell. You can help convince him too. The two of you how could he say no?Mitchell enunciated when he asked What... mission?Calm down and use your words Daniel said.Vala sneered at him. Dont you patronize me! This is a serious matter. My friend Tanis Reynard needs my help. She sent a distress signal. Shes been arrested and shes being held in a horrible prison where theres no hope of escape. We have to go break her out.Tanis Reynard? Daniel said glancing toward his computer. Tanis Reynard... why do I know that name?Mitchell said Tanis Reynard the Hebridian prisoner who killed her guards when their ship crashed on an uninhabited world? SG-1 ran into her four years ago. She and her cronies tied up Carter off-world and tried to use the SGC computers to find new planets to pillage.Well. Vala flipped her hair out of her face and rubbed her arm where shed run into the door. We all have pasts were not proud of... She looked at Daniel. So youve met Tanis?No I havent had the pleasure. Daniel gathered his notebooks and stood up. I was ah somewhere else that year. So Cam you mentioned beer and wings?

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