Student Bodyguard for Hire

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About The Book

When her younger brother becomes victim to Ridgeview Highs worst group of bullies Peyton Greene sets out to hire the most feared student in school to protect him. It never occurs to her that the antisocial two-time senior wont agree to do it even for the large sum shes willing to pay.Sam Guerra cant afford to pick a fight at school and risk another expulsion but after witnessing the beginning of a humiliating locker room beat down he gets involved anyway. Soon more students approach him with offers of money and requests for protection. Having zero interest in becoming anyones bodyguard he finds other students willing to take his place for the same fee. A growing list of names rapidly morphs into a reason to approach the pretty geek again and despite the stark differences in his and Peytons backgrounds they begin seeing each other outside of school.But everything changes when Peyton transforms the list into a bodyguard website for a class project. What happens next turns the senior class assignment into a non-profit nationwide project that will ultimately tear her parents marriage apart and the town in two as it fuels the hot topic of violence to stop violence in an already divided nation. Her struggle to do the right thing becomes even more complicated when she learns of Sams dark past and equally violent present-information that could compromise their relationship her reputation and the integrity of a successful anti-violence project she refuses to quit.

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