Supernatural Beings 1

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About The Book

Winnipeg is divided between two worlds that are the world of natural human beings and the world of Supernatural beings. Supernatural beings are animals that have the shape of human beings and by looking at them we thought that they are natural human beings but supernatural beings are instead the tigers and eagles. Supernatural beings have the phantoms called again ghosts and their phantoms are the animals who that are. So Supernatural beings who have the shape of human beings are instead the tigers and eagles. And some supernatural beings born with the powers and magic that they had inherited from their ancestors. Supernatural beings believe in their ancestors as their gods and they are educated according to the rules of their traditions and culture. And one of the rules of their traditions require them to eradicate the race of human beings to avenge the death of their ancestors which had been caused by human beings in the past. Hero is a young adult magician supernatural being who has been sent with his brothers to the world of human beings to destroy the race of human beings. But everything changes for Hero during his important mission when he surprisingly feels his magic pushing him against his own desire to protect Angel a mysterious human being who appears different than others in her race. Then Hero breaks the rules of the tradition of the tiger world by becoming a traitor and he started to fight against his own family to protect Angel. And he become an enemy of the world of supernatural beings who must now learn why his magic warns him when Angel is in danger whey between all human beings his magic choose only Angel to protect who was really Angel how she was different from the rest of human beings and why his family was determine to kill Angel. Hero would succeed to protect Angel by preventing his family to kill her? Hero would succeed to understand why his magic push him to protect Angel? What would be Hero reaction when he would find out who was really Angel? Heros brothers would succeed their mission by destroying humankind? What would be Hero fate as a traitor?

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