Sylvanian Family

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About The Book

Reading Summer Young is like folding yourself into a deceptively miniature world a cats eye view of a dystopian Wonderland. Here shoe prints are rabbit snares a mother is a mountain the trellis-like family home encompasses a complex ecosystem of cockroaches and fireflies mice and sea urchins. In this arresting debut Young invokes the visceral candor of Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas and confronts trauma with a fierce and virtuosic wit.Like any good daughter I tie the bedsheetsinto a rope for my fatherto escape the house he set alightSylvanian Family is one of the most remarkable and stunning debut poetry pamphlets I have read in a long time. A haunted dollhouse of beautifully crafted humour and pain. I found such inspiration from these strange alarming poems. Summer Young has captured something powerful here a bizarre examination of love and what it means to suffer each other. I cant stop thinking about it. Bobby ParkerIn each poem in Sylvanian Family Young presents us a set piece for formative experiences to be radically questioned transformed reclaimed. Written with bombastic surrealism the urgency of childhood and the quiet fury of ones inner animals Young confronts the disturbed play of the oppressor in order to document and undo their transgressions. A deft personal portrait with cerebral backflips and left hooks of humour throughout every poem stings. Antosh Wojcik

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