Taelo: The Early Years: 1

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About The Book

The story of Taelo (Tā low) talon of the eagle follows the journey of a young exceptionally talented child that lived more than thirty thousand years ago in Americas Northeast.The eagle Taelos totem always makes an appearance at the critical and important moments in Taelos life.Golden Hawk is Taelos cousin best friend and partner in their many adventures.White Swan and Quiet Pheasant their mothers are sisters who gave birth to the two on the same day.All know when an eagle screams from the sky something eventful is about to happen.The story of The Early Years (book 1) begins with his naming and takes the reader through Taelos and Golden Hawks early years until they are recognized as full members of the Clan.The story of Taelo ends with the successful hunt by a hunting team having both male and female hunters for the first time. The teams success overwhelms the clan and changes its culture.In The Golden Feather (book 2) this same team takes the next step in their development. They first travel south into the Andes of South America. They meet the peoples living in those areas. On their return they go into the North Coastal area where the Elk Clan originally had its home. Once again the team changes the culture of the Elk Clan.In The Journey of Discovery (book 3) Taelo and Golden Hawk travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and see the wonders of nature. The team encounters multiple challenges that test their capabilities and bond them all as lifelong friends.In Dangerous Passage (book 4) the team travels across the northern ice bridge to the origin of their race. The way is dangerous and the challenges many but their team work repeatedly saves them. They meet do battle with and defeat the warriors the refer to as the Sky Eyes.In Condor Clan Slingers (book 5)Taelo returns to the land of the Condor to aid his friends in a battle against their enemy. The team trains the women to become volcano glass slinging warriors that single handedly defeat a superior number of warriors.In Circumvention (book 6) Taelo and his team circumvent the globe and discover a very different world and gain a new set of followers. They meet and become brothers with warriors whose skin is black. They also meet and befriend the people that they know as the Sky Eyes.In The Journey of Sages (book 7) Taelo circumvents the Pacific and discovers the origin of the peoples in the South of the Americas..

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