Tdy: Temporary Duty: Tales of Mutiny Rebellion Russians and Murder in Military Service

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About The Book

What next? The Colonel asked. Chief Master Sergeant George T. Graham Jr. stood beside the Colonel. This will not be good he thought. What next? The Colonel asked noting no one had heard him the first time. He shot her. Sergeant Lucas confessed abruptly interrupting the Colonel as if he anticipated the question. He did. He had witnessed the event. Its that simple. He shot her...she was....very...she was very...pretty. Sergeant Lucas collected himself. Or so we thought. His eyes welled up with emotion. He glanced at Chief Graham. ....and then he...after a very brief and...very........... quiet....argument Sergeant Lucas continued in an uncollected tone. There was an argument. An argument that nearly nobody - nobody - witnessed or in any way took seriously.... Why would we? The young sergeant took another breath and pressed ahead with his story. He stood there. Diego Gianelli stood there. He pulled out a large pistol. A LARGE pistol Lucas emphasized. And he shot her.....point blank......what a mess! What next? The Colonel asked again. What next? Lucas repeated. Chief Graham nodded toward Lucas to continue. Lucas continued as ordered.

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