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The Greatest War of All Between the power of light life love goodness and truth which is in Christ with the powers of darkness hate evil and lies which is Satan. We may not understand why troubles in all its shapes and forms comes upon us. In the pages of this little book the author has by his personal experiences and encounters with the powers of light and the powers or darkness has thrown important light upon the subject. If our eyes and ears could/would be opened we would see two opposing powers Christ and Satan at war over your soul. The titanic struggle is beyond the careless mind to comprehend. But as the second coming draws nearer this war will only intensify. As you read this little book you will have a glimpse of whats taking place behind the scenes. May the Holy Spirit illuminate your minds that you may see more clearly the truths of these matters and help you to see the great need of Jesus Christ your Saviour the one who has already defeated Satan at the cross and with his resurrection. Christ is coming again theres no doubt about that to finally rid the world of all its sin and all its suffering to bring in everlasting righteousness. Christ is your friend. Never forget that. Satan is your enemy never forget that. John 15:13 John 8:44 Publishers website: http: //

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