The Almighty His Creation of Mankind and His War against the Eloheem

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About The Book

Based on the King James Bible and the Strongs Concordance Exhaustive Bible this book is an original recreation and a perfect recreation for the book of Genesis. Starting with the very first living being in existence the Creator of all things and the ultimate supreme power the first living being used to create time and space heaven and earth day and night. With extreme detail the book smoothly transitions the reader onto the creation of the first of four different species of human persons. The first three species of human persons were born through evolution. They evolved from mammals and the fourth and youngest species of human persons are made from the clay and water of the earth. The book continues in extreme detail about the interactions between the different species of human persons and they judgments they received from their Creator the very first living being. Continuing in great detail this book smoothly transitions onto how the first man and woman made of clay and water of the earth developed a special bond with the Creator and how the Creator established a sacred bond with them therefore giving them the opportunity to serve their Creator as holy persons on the Earth. Transitioning smoothly and in great detail this book moves the reader onto the jealousy and envy from the other species of human persons that came against the first two persons made from the clay and water of the Earth. Against the species of human persons the Creator chose to serve Himself a certain one human being by definition a hypocrite a person of low degree a person who was from the human persons evolved from mammals. By definition his name is called Ah-dum. He claimed to be god of all the Earth and Heavens. His jealousy and rage caused him plot out the demise and sin of the first two persons made from the clay and water of the earth who the Creator chose for His own inheritance. Having succeeded in causing the first two holy persons to rebel against the Creator judgment and punishment was cast down by the Creator causing the first two holy persons to be driven away from the presence of the Creator and the paradise He had created for them to live in. Punished to live under the Creators curse among all the other species of human persons punished to live upon a cursed Earth them and all their descendants until the time the Creator appointed to break His curse fix what is broken destroy the seed of evil and of the holy lineage set up one chosen out of all the people who will be given everlasting life and become the One Shepherd to protect and maintain all the Earth. Gripping the readers heart and taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster discover much more detail about the stories of Cain and Abel Noah His sons Shem Ham Japheth and Canaan the Sons of El and the Flood onto Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

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