The Battery-Powered Home: Foolproof Grid-Tied Lithium Storage

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About The Book

This book is for two groups of people: solar professionals who size design or sell solar and storage systems and curious homeowners who want to make an informed purchasing decision.Learn why lithium-based energy storage systems are quickly becoming the dominant battery worldwide and how they can help your solar-only business grow with increased revenue streams. But more importantly learn how to properly manage customer expectations to reduce service calls and turn your customers into the best lead generators you could ask for.Suppose you are a curious homeowner looking for a way to navigate the murky waters of energy storage who wants energy security disaster resiliency and grid independence. In that case this book is for you! Learn the pros secrets and understand how solar and storage systems really work. But more importantly learn how to design your own for worry-free operation and protect yourself against companies that may not have your best interests in mind.Written by a Master Trainer who transitioned from the US Navy submarine force into renewable energy in 2008 The Battery-Powered Home identifies the most common industry mistakes that lead to unhappy customers lost revenue and diminished reputation. A master storyteller the author makes even the most complex part of the industry easy to understand- and fun to read!The companies that follow these proven strategies report success rates as high as 100 percent with dramatically fewer service calls and far happier homeowners.Grab your copy of The Battery-Powered Home and feel confident that each new customer will have an energy storage system that can keep the power on for as long as they need and dramatically reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

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