The Beauty Thief: 1 (Chronicles of the Twelve Realms)

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About The Book

The Twelve Realms exist in peace where for the beautiful and kind-hearted Princess Caityn life is perfect. Even her betrothal is to the man she loves High Prince Theiandar. She is surrounded by loving family and is protected from all harm. That is until a masterful thief invades Caityns unspoiled world and steals away her very essence. Dark and looming in the shadows lurks this thief of forgotten lore full of archaic secrets and a magic hidden in the distance of time. His purpose and power is long forgotten but his desire is alive and strong ready to steal the one thing which sustains his life: true beauty. Princess Caityns beauty embodies everything he has ever coveted and before it can be tainted he plans to steal all of it.Prince Theiandars love for Caityn is strong and true but can he overcome every obstacle to save his betrothed? Can her life beauty--her very soul--be restored? Or will she be lost hideous and destitute of love until her dying day? The Beauty Thief is a beautiful fairytale-like introduction to the new YA series Chronicles of the Twelve Realms where a people whod forgotten magic existed in earnest are learning that though hidden it has never been more alive.

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