The Calm Before the Storm: Evan's Sins: 2 (Ruthless Storm Trilogy)

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About The Book

Hurricane Chloe blows through Billows Hollow North Carolina ravaging the small beach town. The decimation caused by the storm is only a piece of the destruction. A young family is found murdered all but the youngest child - Eilida.It doesnt take Officer Alice Burkhalder long to piece together enough evidence to pinpoint a possible suspect. Circumstancial evidence though wont bring him to justice. She dedicates her career and life to tracking the killer who uses hurricanes as a cover for his deranged need to murder always leaving behind the youngest child.Evan OConner spent eight years in a mental institution after the vicious unsolved murders of his abusive parents. At eighteen he is released into society. He has a single thought and motive operandi - to make his mother pay. She haunts his thoughts as he transforms into a calculating serial killer.Will Alice Burkhalder bring Evan OConner to justice or will someone else get to him first? Someone who has a vendetta against him.Hang on tight as you read this gritty nail-biting psychological cat and mouse thriller!

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