The Cauldron's Gift: 2 (Magic's Return)

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About The Book

When Vi and her twin sister CJ started spitting frogs and diamonds with every word they discovered their parents worked for a secret organisation dedicated to keeping the magical denizens of the world safely locked away. Vi thought life couldnt get any weirder but then Dad became a bear and her world really fell apart. Because its starting to look like thats one spell the warders cant undo. Theyre all too busy trying to unmask the traitor who is secretly aiding the Sidhe.Vi managed to keep the Sidhe from breaking out of their magical prison but she couldnt stop the Morrigan from stealing back the great cauldron of the Dagda. And of course now CJ says the only way to save Dad is to get that cauldron back from fairyland. Talk about a suicide mission. Vi would have to be crazy to consider it but as time runs out for Dad and the Morrigan threatens everyone Vi loves craziness starts to look like the only sane option.

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