The Complete Dinner Cooking Book to Alkaline Diet: Fit and Healthy Recipes to Finish Your Day in the Right Way and Lose Weight

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About The Book

If you want a quick and practical guide for Weight Loss and have more Energy then keep reading.The alkaline diet is still a fairly new way of living. The purpose of the diet is to eliminate Acidic Foods to turn your body into alkaline. The body functions better when it is alkaline than when acidic. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic body but cant survive in alkalinity. Not only does the alkaline diet help with cancer but it can Improve other health issues as well.The alkaline diet focuses on reducing acidic foods. You dont have to go vegan but many people do end up transitioning to a plant-based diet. With the reduction of processed foods and an increased intake of fresh fruits and veggies its no wonder people are getting healthy and losing weight on this diet.Some of the recipes you will find are: - Kale and Avocado Smoothie- Hemp Seed and Carrot Muffins- Garlic Paprika Almonds- Roasted Artichoke Salad- Basil Watermelon Salad- Beefless Stew- Fresh Veggie Pizza- Banana Blueberry Ice Cream- And many moreAs you can see there are a lot of Delicious Recipes in this book. Getting healthy losing weight and reducing inflammation can be easy and delicious.You FINALLY have the book Alkaline Diet!Dont wait any longer. Get this book today and Discover the Secrets to a WONDERFUL LIFE.Get this book now!

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