The Confused Mind

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About The Book

About the Book: I like how stories carry the power of changing something. Might be a person’s perspective might be how they are used to see the world around or it might be some changes within which makes them new. The confused mind carries a strong message that dreams can come true and how liberating it is to speak for oneself. The story depicts the struggling journey of Shreya and overcoming it. Not only the new ones but also the ones rooted to her past life. Read the inspiring story of her laughs cries brokenness and happiness and unravel her journey of finding her true self in midst of her fears problems and myths. She also discovers that true acceptance comes from within. One should stop condemning themselves for the things that are not in control and believe in the true spirit of restoration. She finds that just simple talks can resolve so many issues. Talking and expressing how one feel makes them powerful and open doors that they never expected to be opened. Shreya’s story also comes with a twist of mental health true love and unconditional acceptance. Unleash the power of overcoming the Confused mind with Shreya About the Author: My name is Nivedita Dang. I am from Ranchi Jharkhand India. I love listening to music specially the calm and happy music. I have completed my Masters in Zoology from Ranchi University Ranchi and also Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Birla Global University Bhubaneswar. Besides being a writer I am also a YouTuber having two channels “worship warriors’ a music channel and ‘Life Reflects’ a motivational and testimonial channel. I love to cook and sing songs. I believe that communication is a powerful tool in making a positive change. It truly can change the world!

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