The Cross and the Crucifixion

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About The Book

Come and experience the beauty of the Cross and the sacrifice that Jesus Christ Gods only begotten Son paid for all of humanity. In The Cross and the Crucifixion the author sheds light on the work of redemption for all of humanity through the power of the Cross. This work of redemption began in the Garden of Eden. Encouraging and inspiring this enlightening book will help believers and non-believers alike gain eternal perspective on life and gives keen insight into the work of redemption through the Cross and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Come and embrace the power and the love of Jesus Christ for humanity through His death burial and resurrection. The Cross is the basis for all Christianity for without the Cross there would be no remission of sins. Come and understand that Christ was the perfect sacrifice sent to the Earth to pay for all the sins of humanity: past present and future. Rich with scripture discover that the Cross and Christ is the reason for salvation; without these two elements there is no salvation and no eternal life. With fundamental teachings of the Gospel the author reveals the wonderful blessing of grace that has been bestowed on all of humanity through Jesus Christs one time sacrifice. The Cross must be kept firmly in our minds and hearts as we daily pick up our cross and daily follow Jesus in this world. His suffering and His sacrifice must be remembered as there is no greater love that a man hath for his brothers than laying down his own life for them. Come and experience the love that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ have for you - understanding the need for Jesus Christs sacrifice will enlighten hearts and win many souls to Christ. This book will transform your life.

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