The Daily Adventures of Mixerman: What Spinal Tap did to heavy metal Mixerman does to the recording world

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About The Book

On July 27 2002 a mysterious music insider who had already gained a reputation for dispensing sound technical advice via Usenet started chronicling the day-to-day goings-on of a recording he was making for a large record company. It was a little slice of the rock and roll dream-a young band promised stardom a big budget and a name producer. However instead of the story wed all heard about getting to the top riding in limos and being chased by throngs of screaming fans this was something different. It had all gone terribly wrong. Not only had the wheels fallen off but as one delved further one started to see the truth illuminated: This immethodical circus was not the exception. Perhaps it was the rule. Perhaps it always had been. Industry professionals immediately identified with the empirical details and the uninitiated were equally drawn in by this rubbernecking view of making records. There was clattering speculation as to the who when and where of it but everyone knew Mixerman was not a poseur. To those who knew him personally he was an established respected professional. To those who didnt it was clear he was no Trojan horse. By its fourth week the diary was drawing attention from every stripe of the music business as well as other bloggers Internet junkies and insiders. It was a phenomenon. In this book for the first time we now have the completed diary as God and Mixerman himself intended. The final chapter is here too for new readers as well as the more than 140000 Web readers who may have lost a nights sleep here or there wondering what became of their all-too-human less-than-gifted cast of characters. Rock and roll is dead. Consider this its autopsy. (From the Forward by Philip Stevenson)

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