The Excessive Waters of the Río de la Plata

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About The Book

The Excessive Waters of the Río de la PlataArmando Lindner An addictively entertaining collection of short stories written in English and Spanish by a physicianwith a dizzying variety of interests. These wildly inventive humane stories will enthrall lovers of medicalmysteries intrigue and dark humor.Book description This eclectic compilation of bilingual stories includes tales of medical detectionwith philosophical undertones; the interactions of coffee drinking withhistory; memories of a wild taxi ride in Buenos Aires just to mention a few.They reflect the restless mind of a physician with complementarypassions such as: friendship reading photography French cuisine Italiancoffee traveling tango dancing and with a taste for blackhumor--Argentine-style. These themes will keep readers obsessivelyturning the pages wondering what will await them next: Matsumoto-san....: A mysterious scarf suggests historical connections between the early Japanese andHebrew cultures.Swimming with Nazis in Argentina: A Jewish adolescent encounter with Nazi exiles after thesecond world war.Svetlana and the oligarch: The Moscow ordeal of a contortionist in the Russia of Putin and the oligarchs.The Taxi Ride from Hell: A wild taxi trip in Buenos Aires brings back memories of theauthors emergency room training.These compelling stories represent different periods in the authors life. Here is the anxiety of a medical mystery in the early days of dialysis treatments. Then the exploits of a naïve journalist who is also a womanizing tangodancer on a trip to India to purchase precious stones for resale in SouthAmerica. Here is the literary past of France to be discovered in the oldest historicalcafé in Paris; the authors development of personality and taste while growingup in Argentina and the adventure of his young son on a solo excursion throughthe canals of Venice. These stories cover an exciting emotional and narrativeterrain and will delight readers looking for unusual transforming fiction.They will be of equal interest to readers of either Spanish or English who wishto improve their skills on the different language.

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