The Fire Within

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About The Book

Violence-ridden Church Junior High School is the setting for Joe Davids hard look into the world of education a world filled with hatred and deception boredom and indoctrination - financially supported by government decree!The central character is Anne Harte an idealist who tries to teach by igniting the fire within of knowledge. Unlike teachers who indoctrinate Anne attempts to teach her students to think. Her commitment to reason however place her in direct conflict with the system and those who control it especially Loretta Daniels her principal. Unlike Anne Loretta believes that children must satisfy their needs their instincts and impulses by action.What results is an incisive look at education with Loretta and Anne fighting for the survival of their diametrically opposed philosophies. Caught up in the battle are the other teachers and the real victims the students!Hard-hitting (Robert Kendal Hispanic Times) Fast-paced (Alicia Patti Libertarian Digest) Insightful (William P. Schaefer American University) Scathing (Joan Hamburg WOR-Radio New York) Stark chilling portrait of contemporary public education (Richard A. Cooper The New York Tribune).

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