The Gaiad: 1 (Logos)

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About The Book

In a society increasingly buried under the weight of its own insularity an ancient and shadowy group selfishly guards a secret with the power to change everything. Tonight on a stage in front of thousands one of their members commits a horrible shocking act. In the audience is Detective Fleur Romano. Bitter and world-weary she vows to uncover the reasons behind the horror she just witnessed. In the process shell discover that shes led her lonely life ignorant a fundamental truth a truth first discovered by a man who walked the earth millennia ago a man mysteriously familiar.In this powerful debut William Burcher is willing to explore unique and fantastic themes with realism and grit. The GAIAD boldly poses big questions. What do we lose as we separate ourselves from the earth and each other? What would the future hold if suddenly something changed with that most fundamental of relationships--the one we have with our own planet?

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